Glance was built behind what is now the Conch Republic Seafood Company, aka Conch Farm, in Key West working out of designer and builder Reuel Parker's shop, who was my original teacher. Shop space was largely dedicated to tools, while almost all work was done outdoors. This photo was taken during the roughing in of the interior, shortly after a rain squall had knocked down our shelter.

 . Scan 101840005                                     The next picture is of the launch. She has all internal ballast which had not yet been installed.

Scan 100170032                                                "Glance" motoring up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

Scan 100170040                                          "Glance" back in Florida at a friend's house in Ft. Myers.

Scan 093590001                                              A deck shot.

deck of glance

"Glance" is still one of my favorite boats to date. She was as easily driven to hull speed as any full keel boat I have ever sailed. Her lapstrake construction style kept the cockpit drier than most 50' boats I've been on. I also singlehanded her through a category one hurricane in which she took excellent care of me. She is truly a wonderful boat.